Bukha Noyon

Material: nephrite

Height: 115 mm

Length: 190 mm

The story of the new author’s sculpture “Bukha Noyon” is an ancient Buryat legend about two bulls: Mottled and Gray. When they met out of the flat place, they began to butt heads. Butted for a long time, persistently. Resting with their hind legs, they formed mountains in the steppe, resting with their front legs, they formed bumps in the steppe. The victory was won by Motley bull. By the power of his magic, he made his statue and went to the gray manes of the Sayans. When he went to the Sayans, he bent his back, pines and firs grew in this place, and where he swayed from side to side, birches and talniks grew there. The stone statue of the Gray bull still stands in the Torah, in the valley of the Irkut River, and local Buryats are still making offerings to their ancestor Bukha Noyon…
“Bukha Noyon” – the image of the bull-the progenitor of the Buryats (Bulagat and Ekhirit tribes) is imprinted in stone. He is like a traveler after a long road, laying down to rest. A wind-blown “mountain range” among untouched nature. The stately and majestic nature of the revered animal is imprinted in the plasticity of the stone.