Bergenia (russian Badan)

Materials: rhodonite, nephrite, sandstone, fluorite with quartz

Height: 340 mm

A very unusual inhabitant appeared in the stone-carving garden of the workshop – the interior composition Bergenia (russian Badan). An untidy companion of spring and blooming mood hides on mountain massifs and despite everything breaks through the rock of fluorite with quartz inclusions. A lush cap of flowers rises on a tall, thick stem. Juicy inflorescences of rhodonite shimmer with shades of red, pink and purple. The nephrite leaves seem to be alive, bending and spreading under the breeze. “Painting in stone” – this is the name we gave this composition for the amazing color possibilities of the stone, which allowed us to create this composition.
The plant itself has been known since the XVIII century not only as an ornamental, but also as a medicinal plant, widely used all over the world. For example, in the UK, badan got an interesting name “elephant ears” for the shape and size of its leaves.