Bear hunting (“Russian hunting” series)

Materials: bronze, marble.

Length: 460 mm

Author: Nikita Kazarnovsky.

The work “Bear Hunt” is a continuation of the tradition of animalistic cabinet plastics, established by Russian sculptors of the second half of the 19th century. The realistic method of depiction and the details worked out with incredible accuracy give the images of the work a documentalism.

The subject for the work became one of the kinds of bear hunting – with the dogs. Here, the sculptor acts as an artist and storyteller: he not only anatomically correctly conveys the images of the animals, but also captures the plasticity of moving figures and reflects their habits and characters. Expression and tension as well as restraint and equanimity are expressed with amazing sensitivity and nuance.

Each animal in the sculptural group has its own inimitable characteristics of behavior and plastique: one dog boldly and daringly barks at a bear, another crouches down as if with a malicious squint and is about to jump, while the third one ran up and as if realized that she was suddenly too close to the big beast and was instantly frightened. Compositional contrast is created by the figure of a calm and unperturbed bear: slightly surprised by the courage of the laikas which cannot stop him, he continues walking through the woods, swinging away on the move.

The expressiveness of the work is also created by the material itself: the bronze has a characteristic special glare, thanks to which the effect of the game of light that falls through the leaves of the trees on the furs of animals appears, and gives the plastic in the sculpture additional dynamism.