Materials: jasper, flint, smalt, nephrite, moss agate, belomorite, amphibolite, enamel (It can be used cupronickel, gilding)

Height: 200 mm

“The pecularity of childhood is that fantasy and reality do not have a clear border. A clever child knows this and uses it in the right circumstances.”
Stephen King
A hero of our new polychrome sculpture is a young drummer. His baby face is full of determination and courage. Elements in the form of a huge drum and a toy horse add to the image innocence and sincerity. He wears in a military uniform. On his proudly raised head flaunts a shako with a red hackle presented to him by his grandmother. In Russian army in 1812-14 the shako with a red hackle was worn by musicians, drummers and trumpeters.
“Drummer” is the first sculpture in the series of works of our workshop “When we were kids”. It’s about children and their dreams.