Autumn snails.

Material: belorechensk quartzite.

Height: 200 mm

In the shades of a cloudy gray sky and red flashes of autumn leaves, a lyrical image of a pair of the author’s gemstone-carved snails appears.

This work vividly demonstrates what the author calls the “dictate” of the stone: its inner life and the pattern directions turn out to be a hint for the sculptor – in the color of a piece of belorechensk quartzite the composition very successfully blended with the author’s idea. The overall pattern of the material moving smoothly around the entire perimeter of the sculpture gives it an additional wholeness. Fine transitions between colors, no bright contrasts – all this creates a feeling of deep and silent autumn calm; the gloomy shades of gray in the stone are like a mist through which either rare sunbeams or the ochre gold of in the autumn forest are breaking through.

But the vertical of composition of the snails merging in a tender embrace and the soft sculptural lines with which the author “paints” the sculptural plastics of the image give the work movement and aspiration: it seems to establish the triumph of life and love even in the waning heat of autumn.