Angel with a triangle

Materials: nephrite

Height: 170 mm.

Angels are considered to be spiritual heavenly messengers, bringing good news and connecting man to higher powers. The author’s stone-carved “Angel” is immaterial, barely distinguishable, as if woven from the clouds, thanks to the white jade – a messenger of heaven. He is gazing upwards from where he has just come down and has not had time to fold his wings yet, being a pure symbol of goodness and love.

The laconicism of the composition – soft lines, absence of details – brings inner harmony to the work. To emphasize the trepidation of the moment, the author has plastically highlighted the heart, symmetrically echoing with the seemingly open wing. Sergey Falkin used the pattern that the stone itself possesses to inscribe the image of the future sculpture: its two-tone coloring indicated the wings of the heavenly messenger, and the irregular inner texture of jade conveyed the feeling of soft, as if silky surface of the feathers.