Angel of Animals.

Material: bronze.

Length: 150 mm.

The touching image of a small angel, in which we can find both the image of a man and a certain four-legged creature, makes Sergei Falkin. The author conveys the unity of the world of people and the world of nature in this sculpture, stating that there exists not only human souls, but also the souls of animals. According to ancient ideologies, humans and the animal world have much in common: numerous mythological creatures, which were half man and half animal or bird, prove this. 

The author takes this idea as a basis and creates a generalized image of the guardian angel of all creation in the universe. The search for the form for the sculpture was almost intuitive. The sculptor wanted to get away from the already formed images of winged creatures, not to make a animal or a man, but to create his own, almost childlike, gentle image.