Material: bronze

Heigth: 270 мм

length: 190 mm

Aestheticism was a significant feature of the culture of the Silver Age, a time of decadence and individualism. An epoch, characterized by the emergence of a wide layer of well-educated art lovers with a special perception and feeling of the world around them.

Sergei Falkin’s new bronze work is an image of a man admiring the beauty that has gone into the past. It is an aesthete who experiences a kind of melancholy due to the fact that the most beautiful things have already been composed in poetry, drawn in painting, created in art. His elegantly crooked fingers and upward gaze convey, along with a yearning for spiritual ideals, a hope for the release of art from materialistic concerns and for the return of the cult of beauty and those forms of expression in art that reflect a complex human worldview.