Abstract snail

Material: nephrite

Length: 235 mm

Experiments of Sergey Falkin in search of new ways of plastic reading of the image of the snail lead to an intricate and somewhat mysterious result in his new work. The author set a task to abstract completely from the material approach and to find a new form of the favorite image in a piece of nephrite. Thus, from the hands of the master came out a work – metamorphosis, which from every angle has a unique character and expression. On the one hand it is a swirling vortex of the snail’s natural geometry, on the other hand it turns out to be a construction reminiscent of the Tower of Babel, and on the third hand – as if it were a magical artifact of the spiral of time

Hard but pliable in the hands of a master, jade allows to create many soft lines, multidirectional spirals flowing one into another. The complete absence of flat surfaces and angles gives the work the effect of softness and fluidity, which further emphasizes the internal dynamics of the work and its variable plastic character