Peter the Great

Materials: bronze, marble.

Length: 160 mm.

Height: 117 mm.

The workshop’s new bronze work is dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, who was rightly called the Great. The sculpture is full of meanings and metaphors which symbolize the time of the reign of Peter and his transformations.

Military reforms and victories are displayed in the work with an image of cannon and cannonballs. The silhouette of sails and a ship together with the cross of the Andreev flag symbolize the naval glory of Russia – the foundation of the Russian Imperial Navy laid by Peter.
The most important achievement of the first emperor’s rule – access to the Baltic Sea and the founding of St. Petersburg, which, with Pushkin’s light hand, received the nickname “the window to Europe”, is reflected in the compositional space in the center of the sculpture, through which Peter’s gaze seems to be directed.

One of the most important state transformations was the acceptance of the title of the All-Russian Emperor by Peter and declaration of Russia as an Empire which was an evidence of its new role in the international affairs. And on the double-headed eagle of the state coat of arms has shone the imperial crown, which is also reflected in the plastics of the work.

The significance and solemnity of the composition can be felt in the strong and focused gaze of the emperor and in the symbolic richness of the work. Peter the Great is a unique personality in all of Russian history, one of the greatest historical figures, and despite the fact that his era has become a thing of the past, “it is as if we are still standing under the charm of that time”.