Frogs on a leaf.

Materials: jade, jasper, flint, quartz.

The metal can be made of the following combination of materials: nickel silver, brass, silver plating, gilding, silver, gold.

Height: 180 mm.

The atmosphere of summer, a sunny day and friendliness is reflected in the stone-carving work, in which the masters have embodied an expressive story from the life of nature.

Careful selection of material for each part of the composition and its subtle shape creates realistic in its solution images and very vivid, filled with love and tenderness to nature sculptural work.

Jasper, with its ochre brownish hues, green streaks and specks, conveys the shades of a fallen leaf that has burned in the hot summer sun, and which the characters in the stone-carving work use as a boat to get to the shade. The detailed texture and almost naturalistic thickness of the leaf, which floats on small waves of a clear, transparent river of quartz, and the rich shades of green nephrite frogs create in the imagination a story of two friends escaping the July heat. The changeable internal structure of quartz, which seems to reflect the movement of water and the sun’s rays shining through it, adds to the picturesqueness of the story.

The stonecutter’s work is not without irony: only one of the two heroes of the sculpture is working, while the other is enjoying the grace of a summer day, lounging imposingly behind the back of his friend who is fleeing the summer heat, rowing purposefully on an improvised boat.