The rhythm

Material: quartz

Height: 58 mm

Length: 90 mm

Author: Vyacheslav Leontiev

The idea of the work was inspired by the plasticity of the ancient Japanese art of origami, with its diversity, which is seen in the process of creation, as well as in the final composition. The material for its realization – smoky quartz – was chosen not by chance: due to its transparency it creates a complex multifaceted composition. At the same time, during the process of work the stone, because of its peculiarities and defects, changed its initial reading of the image and forms, just as a polygonal figure made of paper changes during origami-making.

Polishing the finished work opened up additional optical possibilities for the material, given the plastique of the work created by the author. Thus, out of the hands of the master came an amazing composition, where through some facets of the stone are seen others, and when viewed from different sides constantly changing pattern of surfaces, creating a unique rhythm and a kind of mystical illusion of kaleidoscope.