Folding icon

Folding icon is an icon, which consists of several folding parts, with the holy image on each one or on the central part. Between themselves, they are connected by the loops and therefore resemble sash window shutters. This comparison has a special meaning: according to the holy Fathers of the Church, an icon is a symbolic window to the supreme world.

First folding icons appeared in Russia in X century. They were brought from Byzantium with the icons, crosses and Panagias shortly after the adoption of Christianity. Folding icons were taken in campaigns, to the durable fisheries or shopping trips – people believed that they have a protective effect. There were spread three-part folding icons (triptychs), where central part was closed by the two side doors. There were also two-part folding icons – diptychs and many-part folding icons – polyptychs.

The central image was the main and the biggest on folding icon. Usually it was an icon of Jesus Christ, to which pommel a movable ear was attached – “oglavie”. There were placed the images of saints, more often the Virgin and St. Nicholas, on the flaps.

Today jewelry folding icons are popular again. On our website you can see folding icons with the painting on hot enamel, in salary with natural stones.