The Hermitage visiting sculptor Sergei Falkin.

Within the recently opened exhibition “Contemporary Gemstone Carving” at the General Staff Building, a series of short interviews with the authors was published on the official Telegram Channel of the State Hermitage. In the first releases, the Hermitage visited sculptor Sergei Falkin . In his interviews the sculptor shares the secrets and peculiarities of working […]

Frog – moneybox

Sculpture – a mystery, sculpture – surprise. According to Chinese culture, the frog is an auspicious symbol: numerous talismans with its image are used everywhere. And the coin of happiness it holds in its mouth is an attribute of attracting wealth and luxury. Sergey Falkin takes an image from this Eastern traditional symbolism, combines it […]

“Modern Gemstone Carving”.

On July 9, 2022, the exhibition “Contemporary Gemstone Carving” opened at the General Staff Building. It presents a variety of works by stone-cutting artists of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries from the collection of the State Hermitage Museum. The exposition tells about the work of contemporary artists, their experiments in working with […]


“The utopia of the deserts is to be proud of mirages.” (G. Moskvitin) The author’s new stone carving work “Abundance” was planned as part of a series of miniatures created as a counterbalance to large stone sculptures. In these works the author’s metaphor is concentrated in minimal sizes. The miniature is an image of a […]

90 years of the Union of Artists of Saint Petersburg

One of the largest creative organizations in Russia, the St. Petersburg Union of Artists celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2022. To this event in June was dedicated a large exhibition in the halls of the Union on Bolshaya Morskaya Street. More than 800 members of painters, graphic artists, sculptors, artists of decorative and applied arts […]

“In All Brilliance”. The All-Russian exhibition of jewelry in Yekaterinburg.

On May 25, to the 30th anniversary of the Museum of History of Stone Cutting and Jewelry Art, the National exhibition of jewelry and stone sculpture was opened there. The exhibition is like a luxurious carpet connecting the European and Asian parts of Russia at the border of their crossing. The exhibition presents works of […]

“Stories in Stone”. Exhibition at the Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts.

In the Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts on May 20 opened an exhibition of stone-cutting art dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the museum. At the exhibition the work of Sergey Falkin from the collection of the Museum of the history of stone-cutting and jewelry art “Starfall” is presented. For more information about the […]

Egyptian motifs. Africa.

In the bronze work “Egyptian Motives. Africa” Sergey Falkin creates a universal metaphor of Egypt. Using and combining the expressive symbols of the bright African region – numerous ancient pyramids looking out from behind each other, camels in the color of dunes walking around them – the sculptor assembles a new unique image of the […]

“Search for Metaphor”: A Lecture by Sergei Falkin at the State Historical Museum.

As part of an additional program of the exhibition ” Man-Made Connection of Times” in the lectorium of the State Historical Museum on March 31, Sergey Falkin gave a lecture on ” Search for Metaphor”. The sculptor talked about two aspects of stone carving in his presentation. In the first part the master explained the […]


The image of the juicy fruit brings a sense of summer freshness to the interior, bringing back memories of sunny days filled with sweet fruit and a sense of carelessness. Rare stone – hydrogsular, from which the work of Sergey Falkin “Pear” is made, creates a subtle, but eye-catching accent. The name of the stone […]