Frog – moneybox

Sculpture – a mystery,

sculpture – surprise.

According to Chinese culture, the frog is an auspicious symbol: numerous talismans with its image are used everywhere. And the coin of happiness it holds in its mouth is an attribute of attracting wealth and luxury. Sergey Falkin takes an image from this Eastern traditional symbolism, combines it with the author’s vision and creates his own “talisman”.

The sculptor solves the stone-carved work in stylized plastics and in a dialogue with the material. The figure of the frog is so inscribed in a piece of jade that the natural dark hues of the stone appear on its eyes, back and hind legs, thus giving it an expressive look and a picturesque irregular coloration in transitions from dark green to emerald.

Behind the soft sculptural lines is a secret: the Chinese coin of happiness that the frog is holding is covered by a hole in a… moneybox! Nothing in the stone-carving work gives away such a practical object at first sight. After all, even the mechanism for opening the money box was invented by Sergey Falkin and placed completely inconspicuous. In doing so, he masked the object of decorative applied art into a sculpture and turned it into a work of plastic art imbued with aestheticism.