“Modern Gemstone Carving”.

On July 9, 2022, the exhibition “Contemporary Gemstone Carving” opened at the General Staff Building. It presents a variety of works by stone-cutting artists of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries from the collection of the State Hermitage Museum. The exposition tells about the work of contemporary artists, their experiments in working with colored stone and their desire to combine the achievements of their predecessors with new trends. The exhibition includes more than 35 works which combine an original idea and a delicate feeling for material, professionalism of performance and virtuoso technical solutions. Authors of the majority of works are St. Petersburg stonecutters.

The exhibition features three works by Sergei Falkin from the Hermitage collection acquired in 2016: Gothic, Snail Wave, and Cain and Abel.

The exhibition is located in the General Staff Building, in the Carl Faberge Memorial Rooms – Room 300. The exhibition is open until the end of 2022, and can be visited by all holders of tickets to the General Staff building.

At the Hermitage exhibition Sergei Falkin gave a detailed interview in which he spoke about his career in stone-carving, the development of the St. Petersburg school and the peculiarities of stone-carving.

The interview can be viewed on the official Telegram channel of the Hermitage at the link: