“Search for Metaphor”: A Lecture by Sergei Falkin at the State Historical Museum.

As part of an additional program of the exhibition ” Man-Made Connection of Times” in the lectorium of the State Historical Museum on March 31, Sergey Falkin gave a lecture on ” Search for Metaphor”.

The sculptor talked about two aspects of stone carving in his presentation. In the first part the master explained the specificity of stone as a sculpture material, its peculiarities, and what advantages it gives to create works with it. Every stone has its own color, texture, hardness, which can be transformed by subjecting to different methods of treatment. It is its distinctive feature and opens numerous possibilities for the sculptor, allowing him to get away from tradition and, in dialogue with the material, to create unique images.
The second part of the presentation was devoted to the peculiarities of Sergey Falkin’s creative search: how the images that find expression in his sculpture are generated. The artist usually goes two ways: he starts his search from an existing piece or block and comprehends the forms that can be extracted from it. Or he looks for a metaphor for a particular stone, one that would produce not just an image, but a meaningful visual movement. The sculptor talked about the process of forming the author’s metaphors in the material at the meeting.