Gokhran of Russia Jewelry Contest.

At the end of January the results of Gokhran of Russia jewelry contest “Russia XXI century” were summed up. According to the results of the contest in the nomination “craftsmanship of stone-cutter reflected in the plasticity of the stone” the first place was taken by the work “Movement” of Vyacheslav Leontiev, stone-cutter at Sergey Falkin’s workshop!

Like an image descended from the ancient cave paintings of Altamira – the bull froze in its prehistoric rush. Such an extraordinary plasticity in the sculptor’s work was inspired by the shape of a dry maple leaf. A rich gradation of color in the selected material additionally emphasized a powerful curve of the animal’s withers.

The dynamic rhythm of the work is created by the contrast of the two large dominant lines and the many varied small facets that the master has seen and carved. These surfaces and the reflections they create give the material, static by nature, a powerful dynamic that turns out to be variable depending on the angle of view.

The combination of the motif of the graceful lines of the autumn leaf and the texture of jade created a dynamic plastic of the persistent and fearless movement of the ancient animal, expressed in stone its multi-valued symbolism of godliness, royalty and the wild forces of nature.