Сharity sale of the sculpture “Waiting for the wind”

We all know how important it is to have a reliable support in life, a good protector, especially for children. Someone who will come to help in time, protect you, tell you the right way and give you hope. Foundations that support people in various difficult situations become such guides in life day after day. One of them is Konstantin Khabensky’s Charity Foundation, which helps children and young adults with cancer and other serious brain and spinal cord illnesses to get necessary medical care in time and return to a full life.

Sergei Falkin’s workshop supports this noble project and is putting up for sale a bronze sculpture “Waiting for the Wind” for 100 000 rubles. The symbolic image of an angel – a good messenger echoes the selfless desire to help others. He waits for the wind to blow on his boat. Donations are important to the Foundation, and this is the “fair wind” that sets the right direction, helping to implement new programs and projects.

All proceeds from the sale of the sculpture, excluding tax, will go to the Khabensky Foundation.

Any even modest help is important. Every life saved is priceless!
Join us!