“Portrait of Joseph Brodsky”


On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Joseph Brodsky

A personality of the Nobel laureate, his oeuvre have always interested Sergey Falkin and reflected in his own works: whether it is a large-scale sculpture, bronze medal or poetry.

“Joseph Brodsky”

Sergey tells the curious story of creation: “It was supposed to be a shell with a pearl – a portrait of Brodsky. I modeled it, left in the workshop and then had flown away: it was half-formed and the other part was remained in plasticine. When I was absent, plasticine flowed, half sculpture died. Then I remembered the lines from his poem related to the “shell”. I decided to abandoned the original idea and made a new composition – Brodsky is listening to the sound of the sea.

Like most of the author’s works, the bronze sculpture with the image of poet is able to maintain “public scale”. It can be a cabinet sculpture or enlarged to a monument size, the idea will remain in the original form.