“Abraham and Isaac”

авраам и исаак

“Abraham and Isaac” is an attempt to rethink philosophical work “Fear and Trembling” by Søren Kierkegaard, which is based on the old Testament story of Abraham and his son Isaac. The author’s bronze sculpture depicts the moment of Abraham and Isaac’s scaling to pointed place by the God. Following the God’s words, Abraham have to sacrifice his only and beloved son Isaac as a proof of the depth of his faith. According to the tradition of classical culture expressing in choice of the narrative, the author brings his own view. He doesn’t represent a culminating point as masters of past centuries created, but he rather shows a spiritual struggle where boundless love on the one hand and following to the God’s world on the other. At the same time, it doesn’t deprive the sculpture a dramatic tension. The contrast of emotions, the reversal of figures and the movement of characters – all of this works to maintain the theme.