«Translation to Chukovsky» exhibition, 2017

Улитка готика

From December 20, 2016 to August 6, 2017 ran an exhibition “Translation from Chukovsky” in the new branch of the State museum of urban sculpture – “Mikhail Anikushin’s Studio”.

St. Petersburg artists presented vivid images of the poet and storyteller Korney Chukovsky in the language of sculpture. More than 20 artists took part in preparation of the project.

Among the artworks there was a bronze sculpture “Snail-gothic” by Sergey Falkin, which refers to the exposition and gameplay zone “England”. In an ironic English song “Braves”, which translation made Korney Chukovsky, “brave” tailors, after they came out of the wicket, became frightened by snail and then fled. Sergey Falkin designed his fabled “Snail-gothic” with twisted spiral instead of a shell and exaggerated big, but rapid and dynamic as if it is rushing forward – this is fully matched with the idea of ​​English comic song.