«Knight of sad type» exhibition, 2016

Дон Кихот

Exhibition «Knight of sad type» devoted to 400 years from death of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

This exhibition devoted to great work of world literature «Don Quixote» and his author. All guests can explore nuanced treatments typical for different artists of various epochs – XVII- XXI century.They include traditional items  from the Collection of The State museum of the history of religion and private collections: West European art and graphics XVII–XХ century, works of Salvador Dali and Moldavian artist Ilya Bogdesko, sculpture  made by Ilya Ginsbourg, rare edition of novel and interesting collection of custumes taken from film «Don Quixote» by Grigoriy Kozincev.

Of course, sculpture “Don Quixote” by Sergey Falkin (that famous among admirers) takes part in this historical event too.