“Plastics in Metal and Stone. Works of Contemporary Masters” exhibition, Saint Petersburg, 2014

Каин и Авель

On November 14, 2014 an exhibition named “Plastics in Metal and Stone. Works of Contemporary Masters” opened in the State Hermitage. When selecting works, the organisers aimed to show the condition of our jewellery and stone cutting art of the last 10-15 years, along with works by recognised Western masters. For the exhibition, the museum selected four works of the workshop, most of which were created by Sergey Falkin.

Despite their dissimilarity, most of the artists’ works are combined by a common style that may be characterised as ‘St. Petersburg school’. This is based on shape in its classical understanding, with a clear precise structure and each component logically justified. This serves as a foundation for a national way of artistic thinking, transforming this ideal shape into one more habitual for our perception.

Interesting works are created in the workshop of Sergey Falkin, “Ledum”. Some are made in a traditional manner, others seem vanguard. Some works differ with a laconism of formal methods like “Cain and Abel”, defined geometrism, generality of shape and stylisation. The soft roundedness of the “Wave” snail contrasts with the sharp structure of the “Gothic” snail.