“The Last Supper” by Sergey Falkin / 100TV 12.12.2010

Saint Petersburg sculptor Sergey Falkin is doing a summary of the year. You can see his artworks: a snail corkscrew, a painting of Leonardo in bronze and a fish bell. A personal exposition of Segey Falkin was opened in the central hall of exhibition in the Manage as a part of “The Jewelry Olympia”. Among other new artworks the portrait of Joseph Brodsky and an author’s sculpture are worth mentioning. The main idea of that sculpture is the reflection about the “The Last Supper” of Leonardo da Vinci. Falkin has prepared this bronze composition for an exhibition in castle Clos Lucé in France where the famous artist died.

Sergey Falkin, sculptor:

“I couldn’t come across anything but “The Last Supper” and what has remained of it physically, what we see when it is replicated – that’s the cover and the reflection of time”.

In addition to sculptures from bronze and stone and jewelry Sergey Falkin has also a figure from damascene steel. Though the artist didn’t beat out the composition out and just curved it from metal. There is also a lot of graphic works at the exhibition. Among them are sketches for the future works of sculptor. Sergey Falkin is an author of many prizes and symbols. He made a statuette for the “Sky Line” prize. This reward was founded by the Baltic media group and the World club of Saint Petersburg citizens. The prize is awarded to the public persons and builders, who have made a special contribution into the preservation of Saint Petersburg historical image.