“Veneciya Brodskogo” (Venice of Brodsky): solo exhibition, 2009

Иосиф Бродский, скульптура Сергея Фалькина


“One can see12 graphic sketches, reliefs and one bronze portrait of Joseph Brodsky at the exhibition. Works which are inspired by Joseph Brodsky’s “Watermark” take up a special place in Sergey Falkin’s art. Those works aren’t just illustrations to the daedal essay of the Nobel awardee. Otherwise, the artist underlines the deficiency of a flat illustration. People who come to the exhibition become eyewitnesses of artists’ dialogue and their internal resonance and assonance. Instead of a picture of Venice with all expected overwritten metaphors, historical reminiscences and myths we see the image of a boundless space with objects’ contours which show us a variety of light and bright shapes. We can understand both: a poem and a graphic form. It is about “vodichka” (water), as it was named by Joseph Brodsky, which is the best word to describe the Time.

Solo exhibition “Veniciya Brodskogo” (Brodsky’s Venice) was orginised in the Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum in Saint Petersburg. 

“Venice of Brodsky” Plaque
Medal to the memory of Joseph Brodsky