“Tavromania” (Bullmania) as part of “Sankt-Peterburgskyi uvelir” (Saint Petersburg jeweller), 2008

Бык ряженые Сергей Фалькин

Sergey Falkin’s “Tavromania” (Bullmania)

As the Oriental horoscope says a bull has an insistency and a sense of purpose. Saint Petersburg’s stone cutting artist Sergey Falkin has those traits too. He made not one piece of art but a whole collection for the “Tavromania” (Bullmania) exhibition. This exhibition of works of stone cutting masters from Saint Petersburg was a part of “Sankt Peterburgskiy uvelir” (Saint Petersburg jeweler) exhibition last December. Sergey Falkins’ solo exhibitions are usually in the public and mass media eye.

The artist won the Grand prize of “Uvelirniy Olimp” (Jewellery Olimpus) last year. He didn’t participate in the competition but he exhibited some of his works that time. And the public could see his outstanding range of artistic abilities.

Sergey Falkin creates figures in his unique impressionable way. He uses decorative, plastic and optical characters of stone as a virtuoso. One may remember his Bull from the series of “The Parade of Maskers” which through a combination of black smoky quartz and gold citrine gave birth to an ominous character. One may memorize black and white “Abduction of The Bull” for it depicts the thorny relations between male and female natures. And finally, one may memorize a brutal stone carving  “Rodeo” sculpture. That piece of art is made from fluorite stone which shows a fabulous lambency of light and shadow. All of these art works reflect principles of modern sculpture (from stone) not ones of classic stone cutting art. Falkin was among the pioneers who have first tried to introduce a new language to old and classic stone cutting art in Russia. He speaks a sculptural art language and it works out well. Sergey Falkin began with classics as it usually happens with artists. He has acquired a great cultural background working at The State Hermitage. And after that he had another impressive experience while he was working at the famous Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop. He started working with hard stone only after these years of learning. But it must be said that Falkin got over from a pupilage level to a high class workmanship level very fast. This artist has always had a great imagination and he has always been ready to create new plastic sculptures. Many prizes and diplomas from different exhibitions prove these words. Even The Louvre admitted his talent. One year ago Sergey Falkin showed his art works at the “Cultural heritage” exhibition at the modern halls of this great museum.

Olga Rogozina